Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Body Power (and the female orgasm)

How cool is this?

The technology to generate power from glucose in the bloodstream has tremendously exciting possibilities. This is a battery that keeps on ticking as long as you do. If you're providing glucose to your ATPs, then you're providing glucose to this tiny generator embedded anywhere there's a blood supply.

What can we already power today with 0.2 watts of power?

Continuous connectivity. GSM Microcells and Picocells only require about this level of power. You could literally have a cell phone implanted in your ear. (Actually, probably something in the jaw using bone conduction would work better for both microphone and speaker). There are already wireless lan cards that work on this amount of power.

Embedded computing. Already there are processors that run on less that 200 mW. (Heck, even a few years ago, IBM was putting out chips like this - who know's what's cooking in the labs now?) Aside from the obvious medical monitoring implications, you could run onboard computers to augment senses, provide ready memory augmentation - anything a general purpose computer could do, you could do inside your body. (Picture the SAT of 2020 - "Ok, class, please turn off all onboard processors for the duration of the test. EMF monitors will be running, so don't try to cheat...)

This is a transhumanist's wet dream.

(I was very tempted to spend some time writing on another interesting scientific finding regarding the Secrets of the Female Orgasm, but after hours of attempting to stimulate my brain, nothing really came to me...)


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