Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Too Much Information

Jock Itch.

Toe Fungus.


I'm generally a believer in Knowledge Is Good. In fact, I used to believe that one could never know too much.

But I've started to rethink that. It's possible to have Too Much Information (or 'TMI' as it's known among the cognoscenti).

Aside from the social faux pax kind of "TMI" (ie, the person you just met at a party telling you about her vaginal yeast infection and how she mistook the Monostat 7 tube for her toothpaste), there is a new kind of TMI in the world. The inundation of data that comes with the World Wide Web.

As the World Wide Wacky Web started to grow, so did the recognition of the growth of this new form of TMI, till today there are even blogs that are about TMI.

I spent days recently just clicking through web sites found via StumbleUpon, a service that tries to hook you up with web sites you never knew existed but (supposedly) wished you did. Unlike some of the other Random Website generators out there, StumbleUpon tries to discover which sites you like and don't like, then tries to hook you up with sites that meet your affinities.

The more you use it, the more it finds sites that you find interesting. Which makes you use it more, in a vicious cycle of ever deeper sinkholes of time.

Until you reach saturation. Until you finally receive Too Much Information. (Or until you need to eat or sleep).

Try some. Just one hit. It won't hurt you...


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