Monday, April 25, 2005

God's Children (part 3)

[this post has been replaced with the final story now found here ]


At Monday, April 25, 2005, Anonymous Kikkoman said...

Nice! I like it. Nice twist with the girl being an ex-GC.

Couple thoughts struck me while reading it:

Did you hear about the company making a physics chip for video games? clicky

I would think the "secondarys" would be specialized. Eg one for data storage, one for modeling and stats calcuations, and maybe one for physics. ;)

The second thing is, you've given the main character these great abilities, but we don't get to see them in action. I assume that will show up in later chapters tho.

At Monday, April 25, 2005, Blogger A Muser said...

Thanks! I'm having fun writing it. I'm working on the last chapter right now.

There may be other stories in this universe and with these characters,
but I don't have to work out a novel length, so I'm just working short
stories for now. The world building I'm doing has three periods for
doing stories - pre-singularity, at the singularity, and long, long
post-singularity. A Vernor Vinge or Charles Stross type approach.

This story (obviously) is pre-singularity, and is in the early days of
the trans-human movements. Next one will probably be same characters,
but with their augs intact - that'll be fun to write if I can come up
with an idea. I'll definitely use the physics chip idea - thanks.


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