Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Help! Police!

I wouldn't recommend being a female in Houston. (Of course, I wouldn't recommend living in Houston at all, be you female, male, or of indeterminate gender...especially if you're of indeterminate gender, come to think of it...)

In this post from a fellow Austinite, we not only see an abuse of power (a cop promising not to arrest a woman if she'll give him head), but the implicit support of such abuse by the HPD Assistant Chief in charge of internal investigation, who wrote that "the encounter sprang from consent on both sides."

Your choice is sex or arrest - can they spell "duress" in Houston? Apparently not.

Consent my ass.

(Side note to Houston PD - the statement "consent my ass" does not imply that I am consenting for you to do anything with my ass...just so we're clear...)

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