Monday, April 16, 2007

Rage from a Ranter

My blog is titled "Musings from a Muser", but I see that I've been posting more rants than amusing observations lately. I'm going to use this post to get a few of the most depressing rants off my chest (ever so briefly), and then try to return to writing about the absurdities in every day life.

Things that really depress me or piss me off...

Death. What a tragic waste of experience and potential.

Corruption. It's everywhere there is significant money and power. (And how did the concept of money become so disconnected from the original intent of representing the amount of contribution to a society?)

People who don't even try to use the brain that God/Darwin/Mother Nature/Parents gave them to think logically, to resolve contradictory positions, to look at evidence that disagrees with an existing opinion.

The treatment of veterans, particularly wounded ones.

The overwhelming damage to the good will and trust the U.S. had built up in the world prior to the Iraq invasion.

The overwhelming damage to the future economy from the huge amount of debt accumulating as a result of the Iraq war (and other out of control "off budget" spending) - by historically fiscally conservative Republicans, no less.

The overwhelming damage to our military defense posture due to overcommitment of troops (involuntary extensions of active duty and foreign deployments, overuse of active reserves, ready reserves, and now even dipping into the National Guard to sustain force levels in Iraq...)

The increasing inability for civil discourse and disagreement (driven by populist manipulations of distrust and hate mongering).

Populist Hate Mongering.

Rants from bloggers. (I mean, who really cares what they think? Unless they're a celebrity.)

There...I know I'm missing some, but if they're not currently at top of mind, then they must not be bothering me that much. Now maybe I can try to relax and chuckle again...

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