Sunday, December 17, 2006

Read, Write, or Do

I was cleaning up some online accounts when I noticed that I hadn't posted here in over a month. (Side note: need to find or invent a site that helps me manage all the content from all the other sites I have - usernames, password, profile templates to fill in the usual "describe yourself", "what are you looking for..." bs).

This past month has been remarkable. I have been pushing my "memory a day" philosophy past any prior limits, and the number of new ideas and stories running through my head has never been higher.

But the trouble with being busy living life is that I don't have time to be busy writing about it. Nor have I had the time to catch up on my reading.

Reading, Writing, and Doing. That pretty much covers how I spend my time.

I suppose eventually I'll settle into a new equilibrium, a balance between the different facets of life I love. But for now, I'm meeting new and interesting people, doing new and interesting...experiences (betcha thought I was gonna say 'people')...adding new lumps to the clay that forms who I am is where I'm spending - no, strike that...investing - my time.