Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Is it in his eyes?

Does he love me?
I wanna know!
How can I tell if he loves me so?

(Is it in his eyes?)
Oh no! You need to see!
(Is it in his size?)
Oh no! You make believe!
If you wanna know
If he loves you so
Its in his kiss!
(That's where it is!)
- It's In His Kiss, Aretha Franklin

But what if you can't kiss him? What if you only have a picture to go by? What can you tell?

Turns out women can tell at least a couple things by looking at a picture of a man, according to this study.
  • Whether or not he likes kids (also, these were judged to be good potential long-term mates)
  • Whether or not they (the women) want to jump his bones (and here's a hint - it wasn't the great potential daddies who were elected boy toy)

And they say that men are the ones who want to "spread their seed." Sounds to me like there's a little bit of desire to hide the easter egg going on here, too.


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