Monday, April 17, 2006

What Ruins Your Weekend?

You wake up, hungover from Friday's "Happy Hour" that turned into a "Way Too Happy All Nighter". You don't recognize the room. You don't remember your host's name.

You get dressed (but can't find one of your shoes) and limp out to look for your car in the freezing rain, which you finally find but didn't recognize at first because of the broken drivers side window. So you leave, thinking about the only thing worse that could happen right now is to get into a wreck. Distracted, you get into a wreck.

So you're standing in the McDonald's parking lot in the cold rain with one icy wet sock on your foot and you call your friend to come get you, but he can't because he left for Las Vegas last night and didn't you get his message that he had an extra ticket for you?

As you weep silently, your girlfriend calls and wants to know where you are because she's been waiting for hours at your apartment to help you do your taxes, which are due on Monday.

Now all this was fine, except for one thing. The idiot at McDonald's put M&Ms instead of Oreo in my McFlurry. I can't stand that. It ruined my whole weekend.


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