Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No Joy In Toy Land

Recent 5th Circuit court rulings ensure that it remains illegal in Mississippi for one adult to sell a "sexual device" to another adult.

Selling a gun in Mississippi is okay. Selling a dildo is not. (link)

(Hmmm. What about a gun that is shaped like a dildo? The general shape is about right.... Naw, better forget about it - given the high incidence of accidental discharge - of weapons, I mean - this might end in tragedy...)

Texas also has a ban on sex toys, although they're readily available. You can't buy a dildo, but you can buy an "anatomically correct condom education model" or a "novelty toy not explicitly used for sex" - for now, anyway. When it comes to sex, drugs, and rock & roll, you can bet someone in your town is selling what you want.

(Although they might get busted, like this Baptist Mom did in 2004. What's whacky is that she wasn't busted for selling vibrators, per se. She was busted for explaining how to get maximal pleasure in using one.)

There are countries that are even more psychopathic about sex that we are, but not many. And those tend to promote suicide bombers (I wonder if there's a connection?)


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