Monday, January 23, 2006

A Memory A Day

That's become a key part of my philosophy.

You're going to get so many days on this earth. Whatever you believe happens after you die, the only things you're going to take with you are your memories.

When a day is gone, it's gone -there's no getting it back.

So if that day goes by without a lasting memory, it was wasted. Pointless. You might as well have just lopped it off your lifetime and never lived it.

Lasting memories are formed when you meet someone new and interesting; when you do something new and interesting; when you do something you've done before, but better than you have ever done it before; when you create something original or beautiful.

(Sure, lasting memories are also formed when something shocking, terrible, or life changing happens to you. These form your character, and bound the quality of memories you can make later in life. Without the tough times, how would we appreciate the happy ones? Without the bad people, how would we recognize the good? Without pain, why would we ever seek to alleviate it in ourselves and others? These "bad" memories are what drive us to seek out and create the good memories.)

What memory did you make today?


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